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Reload Thread: Best SQ sub for custom box - Focal; BSW - Alusonic; JL Audio; RE Audio?

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    Best SQ sub for custom box - Focal; BSW - Alusonic; JL Audio; RE Audio?

    I have an 01 BMW X5. I am using the stock head unit (non-DSP) and replaced all the factory speakers with component Focal 165 KFs (80W nominal power) in the front doors and coaxial Focal 165 CV1 (70W nominal power) in the rear doors. An Alpine PDX 4.100 amp is powering the front speakers. The system sounds great now but lacks the depth that only a true sub can bring.

    I am trying to decide between subs to fit in the hidden right rear pocket.
    The space is tight around .3 - .6 c.ft.

    The mono sub amp will depend on the sub I use. I plan on using either an Alpine M450 (220W) or Alpine M650 (400W).

    Here are the options I have narrowed it down to: 2 of which are pre-built and 2 require a custom built box:

    1. Bavarian Sound Works sub box is pre built for the X5 and uses an 8" Alumipro Alusonic EX 8" sub (150W/250W).
    $650 with Alpine M450 (220W) amp
    Fs: 35
    Qms: 5.5
    Qes: .80
    Qts: .69
    Vas: .75
    Xmax: 10 mm

    2. JL Stealthbox is a prebuilt box for the X5 and uses the 10" 10W1v2 sub (150W)
    I believe they squeezed .6 c.ft out of the area.
    $600 with Alpine M450 (220W) amp
    Fs: 25.24 Hz
    Qms: 6.336
    Qes: 0.432
    Qts: 0.405
    Vas: 1.783 cu. ft. / 50.46 liters
    Xmax: 0.375 in. / 9.5 mm
    Efficiency (1W/1m): 84.53 dB SPL

    OR one of these subwoofer options that require a custom box to be built:

    3. Focal 21 V2 8" (250W/500W max)
    $250 for this sub + the Alpine M650 (400W) amp ($230) + the cost of a custom box

    (.35 minimum sealed enclosure for tight punchy bass- .42 c.ft recommended for more dynamic bass)
    I prefer this option as it keeps the Focal speakers consistent and can take more power than the other options.
    Fs: 36.5Hz
    Qms: 3.28
    Qes: 0.86
    Qts: 0.68
    Vas: 15.27 liters 0.54 cu.ft.
    Xmax: 9mm 3/8"
    Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 85dB

    4. RE Audio RE 8" D4 (175W)
    $100 for this sub+ the Alpine M450 (220W) amp ($150) + the cost of a custom box
    (.3 c.ft minimum - .35 c.ft optimum sealed enclosure)
    This option is very appealing since it is the least expensive.
    Fs: 22.8 Hz
    Qms: 4.21
    Qes: 0.38
    Qts: 0.34
    Vas: 27.1 liters
    Xmax: 12 mm
    Efficiency -SPL (1W/1m): 81.2 dB SPL

    How do I compare these numbers and does anyone have any listening time/experiences with these options? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Best SQ sub for custom box - Focal; BSW - Alusonic; JL Audio; RE Audio?

    look into a DIYMA 12" They use very little airspace, and the low price will let you spend more on an amp.

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