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Reload Thread: My Brahma got here

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    well first of all the stock alternator on a 2002 ford mustang is 130A, and i would assume it is the same on a 2000.

    then my problem is that i do need to replace my rear speakers, so that is why i need to talk that panel off. and im thinking that i should just pay my car place 30$ so that they can do it (15$ for a piece i need anyway; the spacer to fit a 5.25" woofer into a 6x8" stock hole) i definitely dont wanna break anything, and i know i will if i pull to hard on a way im not supposed to. i tried to take teh top of the seatbelt off earlier and i broke the little plastic cover that goes ontop of it. no big deal, it has little clamps so it will stay in place without the piece that is supposed to hold it up. and ill have to glue it later

    on the type of seats i have in the back, i do not know. i have a v6 3.8, and they are just a flat seat all teh way across and the seat back rest folds down into the trunk. the guy at my car store tells me that i pull from the front side, under teh seat and it should pop out. with teh 2 15"s back there i would like to still have teh same cusion that came factory with the car ontop of the box and keep teh seatbelts so you would not know any work has been done to it.

    CDT HD 5.25" comps up front
    mb quart reference comps rsc213 rear fills
    jl 300/4 amp powering speakers
    alpine 7995 head unit
    50square feet of Second SKin

    soon to come...
    2 magnum D2's powered by 2 nine.1's (for 2500w) in a sealed box, hopefully FG

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    I have a brahma 12 and me and abcdefg build about 2 boxes for it. He has a little bit more experience than me but i am more creative. You should see all the boxes he has. Last time i checked i think he had 10 or 11.

    H/U: Alpine 7874
    sub: 1 12" adire audio brahma
    amp: MTX 81000d
    mids and highs: polk audio momo component set. 4465's

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