i recently bought a honda civic '86 dx hatchback and it has two speakers on the side door. i've no clue whether the speaker works or not cuz the radio is gone and the wires have been cut. but the speakers appear to be...small....dual coned....accordign to what my friend tells me and they are Sony brand. he tells me, that he believes this wasn't stock speakers that came with the car.

but anyways, i was wondering, do anyone know if these speakers are good enough because i plan to install these in it:

pioneer deh p4400
2 12" infinity kappa perfect 12.1
sony xm-1902gx es 760watt amp.

now the sub and head unit is sitting in my room. i can't get the radio installed becuz the harness colors don't match so i will take it to some professional to install it. i dunt have a lot of money to spend, but if anyone could, recommend me some good mid-range or tweeters for my car? i just want something that sounds good, i dunt need to best.