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Reload Thread: Need some advice on the bext box setup for this SUb .

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    Need some advice on the bext box setup for this SUb .

    Here is some Data
    8" sub
    QTS 0.660
    QMS 3.870
    QES 0.796
    VAS 1.010 ft^3
    Fs 36.60
    BL 1.95022

    i try to build a 4th order bandpass.
    But the result i got is really not that good .

    Can some one share your know how on building a good bandpass .

    I try Front chamber 0.5 cuft front chamber 0.5 cuft . tune at 61 hz port 3" diameter 8" long

    The result is not that good .
    what would you have do . and suggest .

    i am still elarning about box building .
    can someone help me here .
    i would also love if someone can add me on MSn as my mentor cos i really have so much question and i want to learn more .

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    Re: Need some advice on the bext box setup for this SUb .

    If you really want to become a top notch box builder buy a few books on the subject. There are plenty of them out there. Myself, I am happy with my Subzero sealed boxes so I have never even attempted to build a box.

    Regarding your situation with the 8s, my advice would be to run them in your doors and use them as midbass drivers (60hz-175hz or 200hz) and get something bigger to use as subs.

    How many of these 8s do you have?? I have seen people with 4 to 8 8s set up and using them to cover 60hz and below and it sounded good, but the enclosure they were using is nothing for a rookie box builder to try to make. Trying to attain big bass with 1 or 2 8s might be kinda difficult...not that it's impossible...maybe someone else knows of a way to do it, cause I don't. I have never really looked into it that far either.

    Hope that helps. Sorry I could not come up with any hard answers for you. Good luck.

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