Sorry to post twice, i couldn't figure out how to move my thread, if you can?

Hi all, i am new to both the forums and car audio but i think i have a pretty simple question for you

i have been given some stereo parts which included an Alpine MRMD-601 Mono-block Amp (something like that at least) 600watts i am sure, and the subs which are already boxed are 2x 12" Kenwood KFC-W3003 which are both 600watts.

Now these subs dont really seem to put out all that much, but i was told that the amp is alot better than the subs so thats what will be needing the upgrade.

I was just wondering if this is true and what would be good subs to put with this amp? preferably 2 12" subs to fit the box, i was looking at 2 alpine Type R subs but i am not sure which models or anything as of yet.

Any help would be great.

PS. If i could get any feedback on those model subs that would be great how bad are they? hahahaha