hello all. new here and also a noob to car audio in general.
i have a kicker zr600 amp pretty much brand new although its like 9 years old. got it in 1997. its rated at 600 watts but the burn in sheet actually had it @ 850 watts at a 4ohm load. im going to put in a 1999 chev extended cab truck and want to know what subs to get to get the most out of my amp in a downfiring box. i listen music like tool, metallica, system of a down and pantera, so im looking for good sql but loud at the same time. i also prefer the sound of sealed plus with limited space i think thats the way i should go. im thinking of 1 10" kicker l7, 1 12" l7 solobaric or 2 ten inch comp vr's. just not sure if the comp vr's can handle all the amp can give em, or if the amp is strong enough to push either of the l7's? the local shop has 2 10" comp vr's for only 160$ for the set so that seems like a good deal. but i want to get what will sound the best not cost the least. just looking for some guidance. also, any suggestions for something i can order through onlinecarstereo.com that would rock with this amp im open to. but ultimately looking for feedback on comparison of the kicker sub configs i listed above. thanks for any advice and feedback.