aiight, this is what i picked up, i knwo this stuff is a little older, but they still pound.

2 x 8" Rockford Fosgate Punch XLC Subwoofers
1 x 12" Rockford Fosgate Punch Power DVC Subwoofer (1000 watt handling)

Got 'em cheap, like 250 US this past summer, jsut got a custom box made, 125 USD, and right now (unfortunately) i'm only running hte 2 8's, due to a lack of amp, lol. The 8's are running off a Hifonics Zeus amp, givin em aboot 400 watts at 2 ohm.
Anyone out there ever heard these srt of subs runnin?
Anyone ahve any idea waht kind of amp i should look for to push tha 12?, I'm looking at the JBL 600.1 right now.
Lemme know what you all think.