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Reload Thread: Help me out ZANE (or anyone else)

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    Help me out ZANE (or anyone else)

    Alright, im in need of a powerful amp. Im getting to jl 12w7s that are svc, and are 750w rms. Can i use 2 rf power 800.2 amps and bridge them and run them at 3 ohms? Or is a 3 ohm load when bridging on these amps going to clip? Or what other amps are out there that i could use? Something that is a mono amp that is stable at 1.5 ohms, or two single amps that can handle 3 ohm bridging. Thanks to anyone who decides to help

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    I have run one of my amps bridged at 3 ohms for a while and it has not overheated yet. I would think that it would be okay for those subs too.

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    amp for W7s

    go to the zeb and look up Harrison can get the 1600 watt amp in 1,2, and 4 ohm stable..its a bit cheaper than the 800.2 if I remember correctly..


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