Sup yall?
Been in korea for the last six months, and upon coming home on leave my tdx is dead as is my microvision screen. Seems that the youngster left in charge of my car *mother is the main driver, but lil cuxxin has access* thought it would be a good idea to turn some knobs on the xtant 1001d. Needless to say, i had a horrible bass response upon my return, and im at an impasse.

Im considering a new sub, but ive already glassed a box for this one (Sealed 2.8 or so prior to displacement). I dont want ot go back to the drawing board so id like to repair this one. If need be can you point me to a decent fifteen for a sealed enclosure, needs dual 2 ohm coils and work in sealed. Any help?

Preferential would be one of the other companies being able to make something of this monster. My partner is a da dealer and he said he got no response when he asked so i think im out there on that front.