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    Enclosure help S.O.S please!

    HI all,
    Wonder if you audio freaks could help me with a little planning. I am looking at getting a single Alpine 12" TypeR (SVC) and push it with a MTX 6500D 4ohm mono to 250. My question is, I would like to put it in a Subzone sealed 12 inch Z-box.
    The Alpine type R's say they should run in .7 - 1.0 cu volume sealed. I spoke to a clerk at a retail mobile audio store, and he said that the .88 cu box would not be enough, I should go with the 1.43 cu box. His reasoning was that the needed cu volume listed for the sub, (.7 - 1.0 in this case) is what you need to have AFTER the sub is in, meaning subtract whatever cu volume is taken up by the sub and what you have left for cu volume room in the encolusure is what you need to go by. Is that right? The cu vol. specs for the Type R's seemed pretty particular, and I don't want to buy an enclosure that has to much volume, or too little, and I definitely don't want it to sound like sh** or waste money on the wrong enclosure, thanks for your help.

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    Box volume doesn't include the volume of the speaker itself. The .88 cu ft box should be fine.

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    thanks for your help

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