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    fosgate or lightning audio??

    I'm considering a 4 channel amp. I've narrowed it down to either fosgate or lightning audio. I know they're made by the same company.

    It is similiar to the 400.4 fosgate but is there a difference in sound quality?? Is it worth it to spend the extra bucks for a fosgate?

    I have kicker 5.25 in the fronts and jbl gto 6.5's in the back

    Thanks for your input

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    There wont be anything Sound Quality wise you would notice between the two amps. Assuming that you are powering midrange or tweeters with this amp either choice should be fine. However- if you plan to use this as a sub amp, I would reccomend the Rockford firstly- mainly because the actual power rating of the amplifier is greater than what it says on the amp (typical of RF) Also, the general circuit layout of the Fosgate is superior to the lightning. Personally, I have not been too fond of the lighning amps since they were first released- and then a month or so later- re-released with a new option for an add on cap- that you can add at a price. It seems that someone made an error in the amps calculations and circuit capabilities and then corrected it by means of this cap- but of course- why give it away for free when Big Business Marketing could make another $50 off of the correction to a flawed design? Corporate America- Bah! Bad Big Business!

    Well, there's my take on this.....
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    Even though I am not a huge fan of fosgate, i think i would spend the extra $$ but I have occasionaly been know to be wrong.

    Just my $0.02.....


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    I'll be using it to power my front and rear speakers...they're just 2 ways.

    Thanks for your input guys!

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    fosgate DON"T make lighting audio. they PURCHASED lighting audio to use as a entry to mid level brand! the fosgates r underrated and probably the better of the two.

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