here's the pics, which one is the assassin?

if you can't tell by now, here's pics of the back:

the assassin is the one with the bigger magnet if you can't tell already.

the other 12" came out of a cheap home theater sub that i got at radioshack a few years back for about $150. it has a 200W plate amp and a 2ft^3 box with a 4" aero port tuned to about 35Hz (i know, way too high for home theater use), but now that i only need one of my assassins (read HERE) i decided to throw an assassin in.

the only problem was that the assassin 12 needs an 11" cutout and the hole was about 10 3/4" i got out my dremel and made a sawdust storm in my living room. i think i thoroughly filled my lungs with wood dust (it was actually really uncomfortable/painful and it made a big mess), but it was surprisingly easy to enlarge the cutout slightly, and soon i had my assassin in there.

it sounds a lot better with music (although i haven't played anything loud through it), but i haven't tried it with movies yet. i never realized the sub was tuned so high, so maybe if i figure out a way to get it tuned to around 20Hz (along with the new driver) i should get a LOT better lows. as for now i still would expect it to sound a bit better overall.

that is all.