I am trying to upgrade my system and need advice.
What I need is a subwoofer box with an amplifier, these are the choices that i have come up with.
AUDIOBAHN 12" 1000w rms 3" 4 layer for $ 119.99 120oz magnet.
POWER ACOUSTIK 12" 1000w rms 224oz magnet $ 99
BOSS CHAOS 4 * 200 w rms $ 189.99
BOSS RIOT 4*150 w rms $ 144.99

I was also thinking of getting a mobile authority dual 12 " bandpass box.
How do u think that this should sound and which one would u prefer? Does the size of the magnet really produce more bass? Are these things that i listed priced appropriately?
I dont want to compromise on quality and really need that something that has a very good kick to it, what do u think of this as i am not really sure about audiobahn and power acoustik subs.