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Reload Thread: What's the difference bettween Ported and Sealed boxes?

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    What's the difference bettween Ported and Sealed boxes?

    Please Please Please tell me!!

    I mean i kno that som sub's are susposed to be placed in a ported or sealed box, but som can be placed in both,,

    So soon im buying four Kenwood or Pioneer 12' subs and ive been wondering which type of box I should put them in.

    Also if u have the time on ur hands juss tell me which sub U would buy if u were me, the comparison sheet is on this link and thankx for everything!

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    Sealed boxes are good for mainly tight solid rock type bass. Ported boxes are a combination between Bandpass and Sealed which mean that it produces a harder thump for bass then sealed while keeping some of the tight bass thats good for rock music. Bandpass boxes realy are not that good for tight bass at all. They produce mostly if not only a long hard thump, which is just what you may be looking for..... Personaly I have two of the blue Kenwoods that your talking about right now...They sound great but I have never heard the Pioneer ones... The Kenwoods sound much better than the Sony 12's on that sheet....I have heard them both....
    Maybe this helped
    Adam Chandler

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    Thankx alot man!

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