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Reload Thread: battery/alternators HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    battery/alternators HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i got a rockfordbd1000.1 and a rockford 250.2 amp
    all running of stock alternator,i upgrades battery i havnt installed this stuff yet because the ono amp requiers 100amp fuse and i think my alternator is only 100amp or 95amp? plus with other amp having like a 30amp fuses or whatever they got what should i do should i install a another battery just for stereo use?
    if so how would i do i just ground the second battery to car body and hook power from where? do i got run a alternator to it?i have no clue what to do im not good with electrically stuff!!!

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    i believe u said you have upgraded the battery already so to save a lot of hassle up grade your 100 amp alt to a higher one. i've seen as high as 200 amp alts in summit and other catalogs. also check out a local starter/ alt shop and check the price of re-wiring your current altenator to higher amp. either one of these suggestions should be cheaper than a second battery (or at least close) and save you some hassle installing a second battery.

    a cap on the big amp after doing one of the above will help as well.

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