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Reload Thread: does anyone know what model this infinity sub is?

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    does anyone know what model this infinity sub is?

    i found a cheap deal ($125) on craiglist for these 2 12" infinitys, but doesnt list which model infinitys they are. hope someone here will know gonna power them with an hifonics bx1000d. on the side, what do you think of these subs for sq? and overall?

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    Re: does anyone know what model this infinity sub is?

    look like infinity referance subs, the old ones

    i'm selling the new ones for 50+ shipping a peice


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    Re: does anyone know what model this infinity sub is?

    those look to be the 1230w. Not bad, but not a great price. I have two perfect 10's which are two levels up on the infinity ladder for sale at about the same price.

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