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    3 10's or 2 12's? help!

    hey, i bought a 2x12" enclosure (ported) for 50bux, and i was gonna put a pair of those 50$ MTX4000's in there, but i found this deal with a 3x10" box sealed with MTX6000's for 180$, what should i go with, i prefer punchy bass. but the guy said it wouldnt last long and he couldnt put it on hold, so im in a rush to figure out what i want. any advice would be very much appreciated

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    the three tens. for the price you step up a level in the quality of the sub,and the three tens should be louder than the twelves. (could be wrong, but it will be real close) the tens in the sealed box will give you "punchier" bass.

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    I don't think that the two 12s will work very well in a ported box and if you want punchy bass not low bass the 10s are definitly better if you have to though you could put the 12s in a sealed box as small as MTX recommends and give them as much power as you can they will still not play some of those fast bass notes that you get from music like disturbed of pantera as well as the 10s but do what you got to do I don't think you will be disappointed with the 12s in the right box and hell for the money if they don't work buy something else

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    Just go with the 6000's. My buddy had 2 tens in a sealed box and they were punchy as hell, 4000's aren't worth your time.

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