I want like to know which one of these system setups are better.

1st setup pioneer
>4 12" TS-W3041DVC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>will be running through 4 vented or
>2 GM-X962(700w amp) or ported boxes with a 4"diameter
>2 TS-A6995(6" x 9" 2-way) and a 5"length port tube
>DEH-P4400(head unit)

2nd setup jbl
>4 12" JBL GT-120 will be running through 4 vented or
>2 TS-A6995(6" x 9" 2-way) or ported boxes with 4"diameter
>DEH-P4400(head unit) and 5"length port tube
>2 vibe438(4 channel lanzar amp)

Also what I want to know is if a pioneer amp or a lanzar amp is better. If there is anything bad in this setup please let me know about it and tell me what i should do to fix it.