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Reload Thread: 18" RE SX . . .power handling

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    18" RE SX . . .power handling

    Sup peeps, I just installed a 18" RE SX powered off a RE 12.1

    My question is, can the sub take all 1200 watts for daily driving? Or should i be easy on it? The thing is so **** loud i cant really tell if its distorting or not at high volumes, and the gains are set just over 3/4's of the way up.

    ummm. . .dont know if you need any more information then that. The enclosure is 6.5 cu^ft slot ported, and the gains on the amp is just under 3/4's of the way up.

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    Re: 18" RE SX . . .power handling

    I threw 1300 watts on my SX15. It seemed to do OK on it. For your 18 in that big of a box, 1200 watts is fine with it.

    Just be easy on the gain so you dont clip is all.

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    Make the port as large and as round as possible. For example, a square port is more round than a rectangular one; an octogonal port is more round than a square port. Also, keep the number of ports down to one, if possible.

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    Re: 18" RE SX . . .power handling

    Yeah dont go overboard on the gain. You will fine then

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