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    What am i doing wrong w/ my L7

    Ok, here's the setup. I have a Solo-Baric L7 12 in a small sealed box with a Sony 300W 1-Channel D-Class Mono Amplifier (at 4 Ohms). I have it running at 2 Ohms, therefore, it is pushing 600 watts. The amp says it is stable down to one ohm which would give me 1000 watts, but as I have read there are very few amps that can actually run at 1 ohm and not fry. Being a broke 16 year old, I have no intentions on even trying this setup at 1 ohm, even though I believe the solo-baric would take the extra 250 watts over it's rated 750W max. I have read reviews on these subs that commend them on their small box requirements but the box I built is a little on the small side, so I do plan on buying a box of the correct size in the near future, but I don't think that will solve my problem. Oh yes, my problem. For a Solo-Baric, I think it distorts way too easily. Yes, when I put a bass excursion test or something like that in, it will render my rear view mirrors useless...but when I listen to regular music, it does not get quite that loud. Anyways, if I have confused you with all of this jibberish, I'm sorry.
    But it all narrows down to this: What do I need to do to get my Solo-Baric sounding as loud as it should?

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    Increase the size of your box( somthing like 1.2cft per sub) and invest in a higher quality amp, this will give your sub a whole new personality, an undersized box and cheap sony(Sony amps are garbage) amp will cripple the subs performance, any sub can make the low rumbly noises even in the worst of conditions but to get a good transition and frequency responce you must have the right enclosure and power to drive the sub.
    Some amps to consider are-
    MTX 6500D
    JBL powervalve 600D
    These 2 amps will beat that L7 with authority and can be purchased at extremely good prices.

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    ****, I wish I would have known that 2 weeks ago. I've had my amp for a week or two now. lol, anyone want an almost new sony amp?
    Thanks stones

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    I'd strap a Phoenix Gold ZX600ti onto it. Put it in a ported box, it might double your output (3 dB).

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