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Reload Thread: Decided to go ported what can i expect?

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    Decided to go ported what can i expect?

    I have 4 Orion P Series 15's being ran off of 2 Viper 1200's and i am going to pu them in a ported box. I can not tell you the exact specs i am going to have a local shop build it using Orions recommended specs, So that is like a 13 to 14 cube enclosure because they are D4's. They are going in a Durango. I would like to know if i should get a good bit more output out of them in a ported box because i have never had a good ported box before. So i would like to know if they are going to pound harder or should i just keep them in my sealed box. Also i just got my truck metered at 2 different shops one of the shops put the meter on the dash and the other shop held the meter above the dash. I am new to having my stuff tested so i was wondering which one is a more accurate reading. Because i got 2 totally different scores.

    Thanx in advance

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    Re: Decided to go ported what can i expect?

    yeah the ported box will be louder

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