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    Help me ***!

    Hey everyone, i need help like a baby tring to run.
    Ok, i am searching all different amps, woofers, mids heads. I have really been staring at the Kicker Solo Barics L7. But look at the Fast and the Furious, and see the Fully loaded Alpine system. Which i guess doesnt mean ****, but tring to find someplace to give stats on this **** is hard. I look through crutchfield that doesnt have nearly anything that everyone here talks about. I am really lost, every place/book/site, sticks to a certain few brands. Most of the stuff dealing with audio is giberish to me. SO please help me out. I am looking for LOUD, and persise. Love techno and dance, rap everything. I was in a 2001 BMW M3 convertable and fell in love with the STOCK premium sound it had. Please help out as much as possible,
    i have been steering towards Those Kickers, an Alpine face (i like blue graphics), not sure what an amp would do other than AMP, mids i am lost, Highs... polk, please help out.


    PS, i Drive a Taurus SHO :-)

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    I just ordered 2 12" alpine type R subs so i am biased there! L7 are hard hitters though and i ordered a sony cd player againist others advice because with my setup I have started a red trend in my car with neons and even my gauges in a pontiac are red! Anyway the amp there are to many choices just search on to help you that is what i used for most of my research. Mids I cant afford mids right at this moment so hope someone else helps you there. WE REALLY NEED TO NO THE BIG ? PRICE RANGE!

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    My Price range, depends on the component. Like woofers, for the ones i have been looking at, max is like 250 for each or something, looked at those Alpine Type R/S (whats the difference?) and saw the 150 and was pleased, but good luck drawing me away from the Kickers,
    Amp, no more than 300 or so,
    Mids? no idea.
    Head: 300 or so, unless cool high graphic system, i really dont care for those DVD or displays.
    any other Q?
    Im bored


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    have you looked at the pioneer premier DEH-P730? It has some awesome graphics and good sub controls, but if you really wanna spend money look at the DEH-P930 with a 13 band EQ.

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