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Reload Thread: HELP ME PLEASE, where to place tweeters

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    HELP ME PLEASE, where to place tweeters

    I am looking to get a set of component speakers for my 4-foor, 99 Civic. Not sure what to get although I am serisouly looking at MB Quartz, unless someone has other advice (I have a 400.4 Fosgate pushin the mids and highs). However my real question is where to place the tweeters. I have heard everyone tell me something different. Some people say the front window pillars, others say by the side view mirrors or right on the door itself, then there are those that say in kick panels by your feet. Each person says something different. PLEASE HELP!

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    I just installed some tweeters in my car and i put them on the window pillars between the window and the wind seild. it was very lound and clear because it was right beside you ears and if you like your highs to be clear and loud then i recomened putting them on the window pillars.


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    You want to keep the mid-bass and the tweeter as close together. If you seperate them too much it distorts the front imaging, and makes it sound sloppy. If you are mounting the mid-bass's in the doors, just try and keep the tweeter as close on that pilar. If its too loud lower the high's alittle. I dont like the highs either so i keep it only alittle louder than the mid-bass. Take it easy!

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    if you can't mount them right by the mids, make sure they are the same distance (or as close as possible) from your ear.
    If the mid is 3 feet from your ear and in the door panel mount the tweeter either right next to it or somewhere else that is in front of you and 3 feet from your ear.
    It is also best, for imaging purposes, to keep the left and right sets as close in distance from your ears as possible.
    To more clearly show you what I mean by this, play a song and listen to it as you would normally from the driver seat. Then move over in between the seats and listen. You will notice a very distinct difference in sound quality and judgement between sounds coming from the left and right channels will be easy.
    For example, my car is a larger sedan which has no floor console. What I'm goin to do is make a kickpanel box for the left side and make another box which will be mounted in the center on the hump in the floor and measure them out to where they are exactly the same distance from my head.
    In your case though, where you dont have that option, kickpanel boxes with both mid and tweet in it will produce the best soundstage.
    MB quart is an excellent choice of speakers. Although, if you're going to use kicks, components aren't necessary. A good lower dollar speaker is Infinity if your're looking to save a few bucks.

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