You know how it is when you're waiting on your orders to get delivered... get bored and try different things in the spare time.

A few days ago I received this 15" sub for a home theater driver in a passive 3 cu. ft. sealed enclosure. I figured I couldn't beat the price with a stick, so I "had" to buy it for something, right *heh*? Anyway, tonight, I decided to haul the massiveness to the cargo area of my Montero Sport Ltd, and run a couple bridged channels to it, for 400 Watts, and check it out just for the hell of it.

On 400 W (of 800 W that it can handle) this thing actually surprised me a bit. I was expecting more muzzled, shallower sound from the lower power trying to jerk around the large motor/cone assembly. It actually performed pretty well. It pushes more air than my pair of 10"s @ a total of 800 Watts, particularly in the far reaching low bass. Amazingly, it sounded better/louder with the windows completely up (sealed) which I attribute to the large enclosure's tuning frequency meeting my interior's harmonics.

On only 400 Watts, this is not an SPL sub, by any means (would get louder if using their recommended 1.5 cu. ft., and definitely would with more juice), but the sound quality is not bad at all and it's much more linear than I expected. I'd love to hear it on the full 800 or 1000 Watts!

I'll leave it in there through tomorrow afternoon, and mess around with it a bit more then throw my other woofs in while I wait for my Type X 12"s to arrive. Jeez, I hate waiting....