recently overhauled my system. I'm using the following:

Eclipse CD8053
2 - Kicker SX650.4
MaxFi MFDT30neo
MaxFi MF130-75H4
MaxFi MF170-75H4

Sub is undecided. I have an Illusion ND-12, but in the completely wrong box, so I won't comment on it.

The MaxFi's, oh where to being. Wow, these are awesome. I've ran through several sets of drivers in my truck and have never been happy enough to keep a set in there for more than a couple months. Just some background, I've been through Boston RC61, Focal 165k, Focal 165k2, Diamond M661, and CDT CL-641's. I'll start off with the tweets. They are very detailed without being harsh, even at extremely high volumes. My ears are sensitve to high frequencies and with most of the other sets (especially the Focal's) tended to make me squint when a cymbol was hit. The CDT's had the silk tweets and didn't make me squint, but didn't have the detail and realism of the Focals. The MFDT30neo seem to be the perfect comprimise. The MF130's are incredible. I even played a few french horn solo's that cause break up in most of the other mids and they played through wonderfully. I only experienced very slight cone break up at very high volumes (75+ out of 80max on the Eclipse with gains set consertively on the amps.) However at full tilt on the Eclipse they reproduced the loud trumpet notes on "Pink Panther" with 0 problems. I guess French Horns are just tricky. The MF170's are just as detailed as the 130's, but just don't have the midbass punch I was looking for. (Let it be known, that I like a LOT of midbass in my music, and probably wouldn't be completely satisfied until I get at least 8's in the door's) I wouldn't say they're lacking in the midbass region, as they're at least on par if not a little more pronounced than my previous sets. They are very accurate though, I could hear a bunch of string vibrations in an upright bass that I could not hear before. Overall, I couldn't be happier, this is one set that in there to stay. I might try getting a set of the low Q 170's and trying them in small glassed enclosures in the doors. That would probably give me the snap that I want in the 80hz -200hz range.