My CR-V has been running a set of MB Quart 6.5 coaxials with the Musicomp upgraded xovers for about 5 years. In 2000 I installed a Nak CD-40, an Alpine 50x4 so old it's black and has an 80 Hz LP/HP switch : ), and a JL 10W0 Stealthbox along with them. I've decided to start upograding the system, and i started this weekend with the F speakers.

Anyway, I decide to try a set of these avincar 6.5s, because they look similar to the quart woofer, but they use a silk soft dome tweeter, which I tend to like better than metal domes. The Quarts were just kinda grating on me - that metal-dome fatigue, I guess.

The other features listed on these avincars are poly/fiber hybrid cone, molded frame, assymetrical outboard passive xover with mylar caps, and euro mounting holes. They are a factory-replacement speaker - no grilles included, xover is not in a plastic box but heat-shrunk like the old-school Rockfords.

I had modified the door for the Quarts, and so I figured that the Euro-frame injection-molded avincar spekaer would fit right in the same spot, and it did. I didn't touch anything else - xover, gains, etc.

The avincars are a little more efficient than the Quarts - might be the lower insertion loss of the xover. The LP xover to the woofer is a series inductor only, 6dB plus the woofer's rolloff at 6dB and you get 12dB acoustic. The xover frequency is about 4K.

Pros: Well, the midbass definitely hit better, which kinda surprised me. The mids are richer and vocals sound more real. My wife notices the diff in the vocals and the snares without prompting, and she's not an expert, so it can't be just me. Her car runs Alpine SPX-F13Ms (Review elsewhere in this section). Sounds louder, clearer, and tighter than the Quarts (but not than the SPX-F13M).

Cons: The image is a tad lower with male vocals, I think because the Quart tweeters back then were angled, and the avincar tweeters are not angled, but parallel with the woofer cone - but female vocals still are solidly in the windshield.

For coaxial speakers in the $200 range, I am very happy.