I'll start with pics.

Here's the little booger

Side by side with my e12a

Surprisingly, the treo and the e12a are somewhat similar. I swapped them back and forth and noticed little differences between the two soundwise. They're two ****** subwoofers, I'll tell you guys that. They hit hard, get super low, and is just friggin loud.

SPL: I had the Treo in a small sealed box, don't know the exact measurements. The output on the sub suprised the hell out of me. Why? Because I expected A LOT less considering how small the enclosure was. As soon as it hit, "BOOM" I had to turn the volume down and adjust the boost accordingly. Again, it hits really hard and gets dooown low.

SQ: Honestly, it can be better. It's somewhat sluggish considering I listen to mostly techno, rock, Video game music, and an occasional krunk/rap.

Overall, it's a great sub especially for how much I got it for. I know a lot of people dislike Treo because of their retarded retail pricing, but nonetheless it is a quality subwoofer and if you can get it at a stellar price, get it.