This review is for a soundsplinter rl-p 15 in a 2.5 cu ft ported enclosure tuned to 28hz with 38 sq in of port area being powered by a NINe.1 @ 2 ohms (about 1000w)
Overall, I am very pleased with this sub. The Sq is awesome so far, but my front stage really cant even try to keep up when the subs wangin, which is why I just bought some cadence speakers. I plaid hotel california on it a little while ago and it was tight and crisp. No distortion whatsoever at very high volume. However, I had to open the trunk and listen to it from there to know this because my car rattles so much when its playing that loud that you cant tell if it is completely distortion free from the front seat. I have also listened to the entire sublime sublime cd at very high volumes and this sub just plaid every note flawlessly. Even in one of the tracks, which seems to have a lot of random "noise", you can hear the rl-p distinctly pounding out each note flawlessly. It is a very different sound than that of my old diamond m6mkII 10's in a sealed box. Just as "quick" so to speak, but just different. Its a little more "full" if you know what I mean, a little deeper and stronger so to speak. I honestly couldnt tell you which sound I prefer; however, without a doubt the rl-p is a much better sub. The spl difference is night and day between the diamonds and the rl-p and the rl-p just seems to be built much more solidly. Also, with the rl-p i can now play every song without worrying about some of the bass tracks being weak because the substage is unable to play the lower frequencies. The rl-p tuned low just pounds out the lows.
So it has sq, but does it have spl?
ABSOLUTELY. This thing is LOUD. It shocked the hell outta me and all of my friends. I was expecting a small step up in output from my diamonds considering the cone area was a little less and I was going to send it 500w less, but there is no question that this is way louder. I drove up to wienerschnitzel the toher day with my music up very loud playing 50 cent candy shop. I parked about 40 ft away and when i went inside one of my firiends just had this look of awe on his face. It soon passed and he told me that the whole restaurant was shaking from my bass. lol. Don't bother lecturing me on how terrible this is because I really never do this kind of thing. I know that noone wants to hear me, but what the hell its new and I wanted to show it off.
This is just an awesome sub that can get loud and sound good doing it. If you are looking into getting any subs I would definitely recommend soundsplinter. I can attest to the quality of the rl-p and have heard nothing but good things about the rl-i and the customer service really is second to none.

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