Prior products used:

- Boston Acoustics PRO 6.53 & 6.5
- Candence (Can't remember the model)


- HU : Alpine 9833
- AMPS : 2 x PPI2360 (2 x 90w RMS @ 4ohm - 12 volts)

The meat:

Well, I love the Canton's. The Germans say their are the German incarnation of Focal and I guess it's a bit true.

The QS2.16 are crisp, live, precise and so natural sounding. Everything you hear is just like if it was really there. Close your eyes and you are right beside the guitarist.

The image is excellent, really pleasant.

So detailed that it even can get annoying with bad recordings. Be prepared to hear things you had never heard before.

Power. God they handle!!! Give it to them, they can take it. Each increment on the radio makes you wonder when they will start clipping or cracking. It just doesn't happen.

My personal best discovery of the year.

I got them for cheap, in fact they sound like 1000$ speakers for alot, alot, alot less!!!!!!

If you ever need more info on those, drop me a line : [email protected]