just bought these from don (djdilliodon). i bought them hoping they would be a better overall speaker than the re re's i had. i was kinda hesitant about buyin them since i already owned the cl-61's and they ****** plain and simple. i was told by djdilliodon that they reason they **** is cause they arent even made by cdt (if i understood right) but some cheaper company and then are just stamped as cdt products, while this line is actually made by the true cdt company. so i gave them a shot. $205 shipped to my door (normally these are $450+ dollar speakers). installed them in and only giving them half their rms wattage (recieving 80 watts) here is what i found.

first thing i noticed, is the xover points. definatly a lot different than the re's i had. a lot more vocals coming outta the midrange and hardly any coming from the tweets while the re's were the exact opposite. this resulted in a much nicer sound than what i had with the re's. also the xover is a lot nicer lookin and looks like its built A LOT more strudy than the re xover. next thing i noticed is how crisp and unharsh the tweet was. just clean, tsk tsk tsk, that doest hurt your ears but still stands out and blends with the midrange. nice solid midbass as well with the midrange. also they are louder than the re's were with the same ammount of power, not by much but it is noticible. and they dont distort. but now i need to purchase another amp for them (im thinking kicker kx350.4 and briding the 4 chnnels into 2 and giving the speakers 175 watts a peice) for the real test, and see if they can stay clean and undistored while taking their rated rms wattage (with a little help from the gain). 9/10 in my book for sq on these speakers and 10/10 for pure value. if your lookin for a QUALITY set of companants at a GREAT value talk to Don (djdilliondon) and buy a set. as Don told me before i bought the speakers, "You will NOT be dissappointed in these speakers".