After having several pairs of componets, I must say these by far are the cleanest pair that I have owned. First I will start by comparing these to he other sets that I have owned.

Infinity Kappa perfect 6.1 vs. CL-61 vs. HD-62
Infinity- good responce in the upper mis-bass range but lower mid-bass is less then desired. Over all I give them a C
CL-61-great responce in mid-bass throuout all ranges, Will handle 150wrms without breaking up(gains depending) HP set at 85-90hz. Over all I give them a B-
HD-62-Oh my, smooth mid-bass great upper range decent lower range. Seem to be very efficent @150wrms. Gain is set same as CL series was. Lowered the high pass to 75-80hz. Over all I give them a B+

Infinity- harsh to my ears, metal dome is not my cup of tea. It may be for others. Tweeters seem to hiss at upper volume ranges. even set at its lowest setting. C-
CL- tweets seemed to over heat quite often with 45x2rms to comp set. Lowered the setting on the crossover problem went away. Could have been my fault. Over all nice smooth 3/4 silk domes until upper volume levels, the break up at upper level. B-
HD- WOW these are much larger, had to modify my door to put the 1" silk tweets in. Over all these are nice and clean, but dont let that fool you, they get hella loud. They do not break up at upper volume levels like the CL's did. No hissing or distortion. A

Infinity- Not too large, easy installation and good controlls. Like the tweeter level function. B
CL-Small x-overs, easy installation but seem kinda flimsy. Felt like I was going to break the little connections. Like the tweeter level function. B-
HD- Larger x-overs, but well worth the size. Easy to install, and regular tools can be used, in other words the wire inputs are tough. <-looks like they can handle 10 gauge? 8 looks possible. Only doen side I see is the lack of tweeter level adjustments, but havent needed it yet. Over all a A-

Infinity- cool white look, good surround(rubber) white tweets. A
CL-Nice clean look. Love the mesh grills on the x-overs.Came ith a magnet cover? No clue what its for. A-
HD- same as the CL, bigger magnet, no cover. Nice clean look. Love the mesh grills on the x-overs. A

Over all,
Infinity- B-

Hope you enjoyed.