I got Iraggi's 240amp alternator for my ford ranger for about 266 bucks (half off) and it's worth it. It does 140amps at idle and 240 at 1500rpm. My current draw from the amps is about 140amps. At idle voltage drops and lights still dimm but that's expected. After all I still have stock 500 CCA motorcraft battery. Anyways, all of iraggi alternators are made from new parts. I have the external regulator also so I can manually adjust the voltage level. It's really nice. His alternators are actually all in stock casing so it was really simple to install. The only thing that was a bit tricky was finding a place to put the regulator. His service was really good with me. It took about 3 days for him to build the alternator and about a week for me to finally get it. I called him about 5 times and I was able to get ahold of him very quickly 3 out of the 5 times. He keeps all the parts for building domestic alternators in stock however, with imports he has to ship his parts to another company to be cased. He said it usually takes about a month. He also offers a warrenty deal for 100 dollars that he'll recase/fix alternators for new cars for a flat fee of 50 or 100 dollars. This would be good for a competitor but I don't need it. Anyways, he's a good guy and has a great product. I would recommend him to anyone for domestic alternators. Imports may take a lot longer for him to build and you should expect about 1 month for him to turn them around.