Older ORION used XTR's ... taking the abuse ive given them without a problem.

2 Pawnshop purchased Orion 15" XTR pro 500Wrms already in a box with a logo on the box, which was made by a expensive fkng audio shop down the road from the pawn shop, well.. 100$ I walked out with them both. duel 8ohm coils

this update is about something I never had happen to me before

- Has anyone ever chilled out in their vehicle bass'n so got **** hard at night time, while staring at a light.. you notice your eyes vibrating, or the light your looking at vibrates just like your rearview does, even though your staring right at it ?

-After a few hours of sitting in the back seat of my own car with my cousin to see what rear seat victims will go through , chong'ing on a phatty ... our stomach hurt , chest felt tight , i took a drink of gatorade.. and it felt like someone was
putting pressure on my throat. I guess its sad to say, im electronics engineer grad, but man.. how ive learned im a resonant NOOB lol... quality , is simply quality ! and.. btw this one has me stumped... how much spl am I hitting close too for the fact that **ALL OUR FORHEADS FELT LIKE ****, like tight I dont know how to explain it, but I know any of yall who hit this hard or harder know exactly what im talking about** and whats it from ??? everyone who jammed with me for along time in the car had this same forhead headache type issue???

My lanzar Square subs, got toss'd in the garage... they never hit like these do, nor anything ive owned ((but I always bought the cheap **** .. pyramid , pyle or
legacy)) .

Sound Quality:

RAP: - Mechanical Bass output is just phenominal and its a Sealed Enclosure

Rock n Roll : -Some good Ole metallica, on these subs .. sounded like I was there at the concert.

Orchestra : - Mozart , Orchestra De Enurim don Paul froise: Magnificant audio precision , clear crisp cello, violen , .. just incredible.


__________________________________________________ _______________
General Info:

Highs ./ LOWS / MID Bass ranges

Higher bass frequencies , as its a sealed box was just beautifull

Mid Bass responce - fast accurate , HARD , punchy and travels

LOW BASS - For a sealed box, I cannot emphasize to you how low these things got on my lil john CD. Very very very impressive for an SQ setup, hitting impressive SPL .

(not metered yet)
LOW LOW BASS: I found very very few songs that went to low for them, but I did find a couple.... it just cant do it.. its not a ported box, but **** them things try hitting those 35 and below frequencies.

From one song to another song: Unlike many subs youv owned, you turn on one song and your subs hit hard *** hell, then you change to another song, and its now not bass'ing as hard. NOT THESE BAD BOYZ You hear alott of talk about Sacrificing SPL for SQ , Ide have to say this is a pair of subs that are SQ with incredible freegin SPL. Every song I jam to, from Rock to classical music, to rap , techno , tejano , the BASS out of each of these castagories seems to stay very close , exception: Mechanical Bass like rap ... lil john, EZE boyz in the hood, Gangsta Paradise ... rap style bass.. seems to have very very high sound pressure level output... even to the point I thought I had a distorted sub or blown one or something loose... and after an hour of searching discovered it was rattling the **** out of the headliner . I had a friend open the trunk to listen to the subs with my amp max power, bass boost nearly all the way up, and CD deck all the way up.. the subs just got clearer , and they got LOUDER . We determine that I was underpowering them, with my 650-700Wrms amp because they just took all of it, and sounded so so clear. I will stay with these for now, and if they blow , or go out.. then ****.. bought from a pawn shop, and going to through what I put them through.. they have earned highest expectations in favor for me to say they are now, the only subs Ive owned that get this **** loud.

My Last subs, I made a review on were Lanzar Square subs, 500W RMS , I blew one of them the way I had it wired, and these subs .. same ohm load , take what I give it and laugh... 7-8 hours straight play daily listener . My amp hasnt once got hot, barely warm... and these subs not once sounded like the voice coils were over heating or is going to have a problem.

Paid 100$ for both in a custom built box .

I found Ebay sells them for about 75$ a peice. That being said, if I get an SUV.. Ill just buy 2 more, and might even just get me a nice ORION amp to push a low ohm load with how sensative and efficiant these 15" subs are.


the only subs ive owned that you can stand outside your car and hear the bass so so clear so far away. I define this, in comparing sound output of your 6x9's.. turn your components on, stand outside your car and how you hear them .. their clarity.. is how these subs sound outside the car. They are simply