Hey everyone, I went shopping for my girlfriend for a system for her car (older Maxima) I was on a tight budget for the wiring, front speakers, and headunit. (I had a fosgate 15" HE2, and Hifonics Brutus bx1000 sitting in my room, that would be part of the system as well.) Early xmas presents rock...

I ordered the Panasonic c8100u and the Reference speakers from Ikesound for under 300 bux

When I was installing the speakers I noticed the surrounds on the stock 6x8's were gone completely, and when I took them out I found that the 6x8 plates didnt fit right, I ended up having to dremel alittle bit of the plastic mounting ring\adaptor... kinda ****** cuz I thought it would be a drop in replacement, oh well no biggie at all. speakers were done and doors were back on.

I put the deck in w\ no problems, thanks to Installdr.com very helpfull website if you arent familiar with how to take off panels in the car your working on. finally listening time

I turned the car on, the display on the panasonic was really bright blue, and had some cool screen saver things on it, naturally I picked the surfing\bodyboarding one. It has a cool little tilt thing on it where you can tilt the face of the deck so you can see it better, (wish my pio860mp had that). It also has preouts for the front, rear, aux in, subout...2.5v though

I didnt really enjoy the chrome on the deck, kinda flashy I thought, but my g\f loved it, I put the Brutus under her seat, so it glows really blue in her car... (oh GOD). Thats just not for me.

The speakers sounded pretty good, the tweets were a tad harsh, and the lows werent sounding too hot, I got into the HU and set the tweets down a bit and the high pass at 125, MUCH BETTER!

I know there is some better stuff out for the money, but if you like flashy chrome things, the panasonic is pretty nice, and the speakers sound really good, even with ~25 watts going to them. the vocals stood out really well.

Bottom line is she was happy as hell, she went from a crappy cd player and blown a$$ speakers to a decent sounding system, I am pretty impressed w\ the sound of it all, just not with the flashy side of the deck.