As you all have probably figured out by now i am and avid Audiobahn fans... almost going exclusively audiobahn with everything. Well I just wanted to give you all a brief description of my Immortals. Though these are the 2nd set of immortals that i have owned and the 5th set that i have installed, these still amaze me. I am currently rebuilding a temperary system in a big ugly conversion van. I only had a box made for two Audiobahn 1005q's. I threw the Immortals in there and WOW, even with putting only 75w per sup those things were monsters. The respons was amazing... i heard the bass songs hit EVERY note... in a ported box. They were also LOUD. My friend has two subs in his truck with over 1000w running between them and mine still out did his both volume wise and sound quality wise. I would personally recommend these any day of the week as i would any Audiobahn sub above the AW--00 Series.