Well, today I finally had the chance to install my RE series components that I had sitting around for 2 months.

Here is a picture of the package:

The speaker is pretty decently sized, with a nice sized top plate. Very impressed with it. The grills are very nice looking, with the small 'RE' stamped on the bottom. The only gripe I have about this set aesthetically, is the passive crossover.

Not a big fan on the looks of it. I was thinking about sanding down the plastic cover, repainting it black and putting a small RE logo in the center.

I was also disappointed that the set didn't come with pod mounts, and just the flush mounts for the tweeters. I don't have the ambition at the current moment to put a large hole in my door panel, or build kickpods. But, I made do, and mounted the tweeters on my door panel, 6" above my window controls. This is where I felt I had the best imaging on my door with my last set of components.

Now, to the listening. The RE components were swapped in place of my CDT Cl-61's. Both sets are priced at $150. Both sets come with a pair of 6.5" mids, 3/4" silk tweeters, and passive crossovers. The RE's are rated at 50w RMS, while the CDT's are at 90w RMS.

Both sets were powered with a Memphis 16-MC300, which does [email protected] ohms. The high pass was set to 90hz, and the lowpass left open. The gain was set at right around 1/4 high. The CDT's were left un-EQ'ed for the last month, and the RE's were left the same way. Both being ran off of an Alpine 7856, with all settings at 0.

I didn't have much time to do some significant testing, and I didn't exactly have the best listening material, but it'll suffice for the time being. Both were given a few tracks off of RJD2- Dead Ringer (instrumental album- a few tracks have vocals, however).

Right off the bat, I noticed that the RE's had much more authority down low. The mids were kicking nice and clean, and sounded much more punchy than the CDT's. The RE mid completely blows away the CDT, has a much fuller, natural sound IMO. I am very pleased with the mid, looks like Xbl^2 can work with more than subwoofers .

Now, for the tweeters. The tweets on the RE set did not impress me as much as the mid's did. They sounded a tad harsh, and a little too lively at times. Very tight and crisp on the vocals and cymbol's, however. The RE's also had a little better extention than the CDT's- for not being EQ'ed, I was surprised at the coverage of the RE tweets. The CDT's were a little more natural sounding to me, but didn't have the authority that the RE's possessed at times. I suppose the RE's would really sound great when EQ'ed properly.

All in all, I would say that the RE components are a better set than the CDT CL-61's. The mids really shined over that of the CDT's. The tweets were a tad agressive, but IMO, could easily be tamed with some tweaking. If anyone is looking for a set of low power components, without putting a hole in your wallet, the RE's are definitely the way to go.

I wonder what the XXX components will do?