is excellent. looks like a lttle excess glue above the top spider around the former, but i can live with that. same 4 spoke cast basket as many subs including treo and memphis. this thing weighs in at 30 pds...8 pds heavier then one of my treo 15's! all things equal, easily comparable to the best subs out there

WOW, can this thing get low! using a bass mekanics cd, i played everything from test tones to sample tracks. this thing just reproduces adn doesn't quit! it also chase the kick drum of metal around too! very little overhang as the sub keeps up with every knock of bass! clearly a great sq sub!

with the factory h/u still in place, this sub is at a disadvantage. as i turn up the volume, the h/u cancels out the bass to protect the factory speakers. even with that against it, the sub is loud. the bass on the h/u is set to 0, the bass boost on the amp is off and the gain is just about 1/3 turned up.....any more on the h/u or gain and the sub KILLS the factory system(until u try to go louder and the protect thing kicks in)which, btw, is the monsoon premium 245watt 7(9 if u count the rear tweets on the 6x9 subs) speaker variety. after i can talk the wife into a aftermarket h/u(preferably with a screen), i believe the sub will be a boomer!!

is a sealed chamber, aprx 1.25ft^3(might be a touch smaller). it faces backward into the trunk for a little spl gain. i don't really want to make a vented one, but i might throw the sub into a prefab just for a listen.

is a hifonics nemesis nx750d. this amp is rated for 750wrms at 1 ohm. that is what i have the sub wired for, so hopefully, that is what it is getting.

i paid $225 for the sub, including shipping. this is a pre-production run, no logo on the sub and the cost will go up a little soon. msrp is around $490 and i would gladly pay that for it!

like i stated earlier..this sub is all that is advertised and then some! it is well worth the money so far and i don't forsee any reason why it shouldn't be in the future. for anyone looking for a great combination sql sub at a great price, i would recommend this sub be put on the list of those shopped. also, mike over at sound splinter is just an awesome guy. he'll answer any and all questions and is a pleasure to talk too!

THE RATING (1-5 scale, 5 being the best)
build quality is a 5, simply a monster sub
sq is a 5, reproduces everything thrown at it..quickly and can get loooooow!
spl is a 4.5, though the box and h/u is holding this down, i've done some tweaking and this thing is loud and low!!
value is a 5, for what i paid..i wasn't expecting half of what i got!

definitely a sub, company worth checking out...
[email protected]

u won't be disappointed!

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee