Needless to say I am a Big Fan of RE. So it was no surprise that I ditched my CDT cl61 components for the RE 6.5's. I have owned many components set in the past year (about 10) in the price range of $150-$400, to mention some brands, Rockford Fosgate Fanatic Q ($400) Polk EX series, Infinity, Polk db series, CDT, MA audio, Crossfire ect. These by far are the best I have owned.

Before I give my review let me tell u what my system currently consist of.
4 guage wiring to a U.S Acoustics 2075 75x2 Amp, No subs , no eq, NO HeahUnit !!
I am using a portable CD player as my source. Raamat V2 on the doors..

When I had my other Components I had a Pioneer 9300, then a Alpine cda-9835.

Price : Contact RE
Mid Size : 6 1/2"
Tweeter Size : 3/4"
Crossover : 2-way (non adjustable)
Power handling : 90 rms-150 peak (can handle more that the peak!)

The Review ::

These are **** looking , no doubt about it ! Simple clean design.
All black no design on the mid or tweeter, only design is a "RE" on the speaker grill which is simple but nice! Tweeter features a "swivle mount design" which can be very usefull @ times. Crossover is jet black with no logos on it. wish it had looked a bit more nicer so I can show case them. But I guess it all flows with the "Simple clean" design.

Build Quality ::
Unfortuently I was not to pleased with the build qualiy for 2 reasons.
1) The mid surround comes off very easy! U have to be too carefull when putting the screws in to mount them or else the surround will peel of the basket, not creating damage to the surround just peeling it off. I had to fix it twice !

2) The crosover is not as sturdy as a crossover should be. top comes easier than it should, electronic board is not screwed onto the bottom casing, I don't know this could just be a problem with mine ?

Other than thoes to problems I had the rest is just like all other RE products. Tight ! mid is sturdy no flex in the basket, tweeter has a neat little swivle mount.

Performance ::
Price vs. Value , u get more that wat u pay for. These out performed every speaker I have owned ! Mid bass is surperb, Higs are clean clear, not harsh @ all.
Crossover has great crosover points, although the crossover is not adjustable I belive it has no need to be!. Better belive with the name RE these guys actualy produce some good bass ! Remember I am using a Portable CD Player as my Source, iI have no control of the speaker other than gain and high pass - low pass filter from the amp. With that said with now controll of these they sound like I have an expensive head unit, when they being feed the crapy source of a Portable CD player !

Final verdict ::
These speakers live up to the RE name, no doubt ! considering my current HU
is a porable cd player I wasn't able to really test these bad boys, but what they have showen me so for blew me away ! I would suggest buying them , for the price u cannot go wrong. If RE would fix thoes 2 problems I found they would be some real bad a$s take no ***** components.

Pros :
X-L-N-T Bass, soft tweeters, looks great, good power handling.

Cons : surround on Mid is too tempermental when putting screws in,
crossover is a bit too flimsey.

all arround a good Component set, NO DOUBT !!