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    Gladen Zero Pro 165 (passive) review

    Review of Subwoofer or Speaker:

    <i>Post name, details and review of the equipment you're reviewing. This forum is for reviews only! No questions should be posted!</i>

    Finally got these installed yesterday. First impressions when I received them is the box is heavy, huge, and attractive. The speakers are significant in size and weight, tweeters are also rather large - 28mm silk domes. Everything is just beefy, including the crossovers - those things are just monstrous. To power them, I replaced my old JBL GTO 75.4 II with Arc KAR 300.2 amp - it's a little beast and gives these speakers plenty of headroom, especially since they have 3 ohm impedance. The shop that installed these for me said they sounded pretty awesome. I made it a point to listen to tons of different music (uncompressed) in the weeks prior to the install so I can see the contrast clearly. The difference was immediate. I'm not familiar with music lingo to describe the sound, so I'll do my best with what I know. Deadening of the doors for these is a must, not just because it's a small price to pay for speakers in this price range, but because they can put out incredible amounts of bass. If crossed low enough, they pound the doors. They cost me about $900.

    The sub is crossed at 80hz and HPF is at 100Hz. First listening impression is that I can definitely hear a lot more. I truly hear a lot more detail in the music and it's easily noticeable. There is a certain confidence in the music, but it could be just my perception since I am comparing them to speakers I've heard before. After listening to them for a while, I know I can count on them to play ever note extremely clear without exaggeration. The tweeter does its job with absolutely no harshness. I'm not a fan of bright tweeters and prefer a stage where the mid and tweeter blend, with neither taking over the other. The sound is very natural. I've been to the Walt Disney Concert Hall here in LA a few times - I can close my eyes and picture being there. It's that clear and transparent.

    The doors were deadened with Kno Knoise 80mil dampening and trunk was deadened with Kno Knoise 100mil dampening, works great so far. We'll see whether it still sticks after time. My rear speakers are completely disconnected. I've also replaced my enormous audiobahn 2300HCT amp with audioque 1200W mono amp - still tweaking the bass portion of the system to get it right. The mids/highs are perfect.

    I took a chance with these, I was able to only find half a review for this set before buying. I am very glad I did. After the fact, I was able to find a more detailed review in German at

    Here's the link to all the pictures:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Gladen Zero Pro 165 (passive) review-011.jpg   Gladen Zero Pro 165 (passive) review-010.jpg   Gladen Zero Pro 165 (passive) review-018.jpg   Gladen Zero Pro 165 (passive) review-016.jpg   Gladen Zero Pro 165 (passive) review-014.jpg  

    Gladen Zero Pro 165 (passive) review-020.jpg   Gladen Zero Pro 165 (passive) review-021.jpg   Gladen Zero Pro 165 (passive) review-013.jpg  
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