i got this sub for like 250 shipped off of tweeter.com and i have it on a BX1000D which i got for about 250 off of ebay and in a 4.5 cu ft box tuned at 32 hz for the whole system it was about 600 buck and ***** it is loud!! This was my first system and i wanted something that was really loud i didnt really care about SQ but it dont sound to bad but it is loud as hell! when i got it all hooked up and played roll out (it donesnth it to hard but i had to play something that wasent all cussin and i had the edited version of that cd) anyway when i was on my way to a friends house to let him hear it i played Throw it up by Lil john and when it started beatin scared me like whoa cause it was so loud! my system is louder than most people that have 1500 bucks in there system and i only spend like 600 so if anyone wanted a system that will beat out the frame get an L7 cause u can find them very cheap on the internet, oh yeah and one more thing...i was goin to baseball pactice and everyone on the team said they heard someone beatin and then like a min later they saw my car!

SPL 10/10
SQ 8/10
Value 10/10