FS: 29Hz, Qms: 3.7, Qes: .38, Qts: .35, Vas: 89.6, Nominal Imp.: 2ohm + 2ohm, SPL 1w/1m: 91.5dB, X-max (one way): 13mm, Pe: 1000w rms / 2000w peak, Freq. Res. 20Hz-500Hz.

Physical characteristics:

Triple layer non-pressed Kevlar composite paper cone.
Chrome plated single piece cnc machined back plate and extended pole piece
3 black anodized high temp multilayered aluminum dual voice coils
High excursion dual oversized black conex linear spiders with woven tinsel leads
Die-cast aluminum twelve spoke basket with voice coil perimeter aerovents
UV treated rubber surround
260oz. Double stacked magnets

Amp used: Cadence A7hc - 1200w rms @ 1ohm

SQ / Box used: 3cu' tuned to 28Hz

I have been playing around with the sub for the two months now. At first I though the SQ was awful. After using different box designs, and it got broken in, my final conclusion is that for an SPL driver the SQ is not that bad. I have my amp X-over set to 250Hz. The higher tone bass is slightly distorted and laking, but if you want smooth lows it has plenty of room to spare. Another nice thing about this driver is that the extreme lows (>30Hz) can get really loud with out a lot of cone excursion. For this reason, the 1000w rms becomes more like 1500w rms. (Remember the box)

SPL / Box used 4.5cu' tuned to 46Hz

I figured that there was no way that the PBX could duplicate what my 15" Brahma could do; I was wrong. In this box their numbers are identical. It seemed like there was no bottoming out when I would play low frequency bass songs. The Brahma would never be able to handle this for long play (aprox. 30min.) as the PBX did. I think that the power rating is greatly underrated and that it is a great compitition sub.

Over all - 1 through 5

SQ - 4
SPL - 4.5