Review of Subwoofer or Speaker:
stated in title

I have both in a center console box I built for a 2007 ram 1500 quad cab. box is 3.5^ft shared after displacement. subs fire up and port to the back under the rear seat. The amp pushes these 10's at 1 ohm and they get freakin low! This is by far the best system I've ever set up and by far the loudest. I do however notice that the subs seem underfed. I know they are only rated at 600 but they could definatley handle a hell of a lot more. not exactly sure whats being pushed to them right now cause I haven't clamped the amp. I know the brutus will start clipping a little past 3/4 gain though. I believe I will be selling my amp soon and looking to put the SAZ 2500 on them. looking for at least 1000 clean RMS per sub after rise. Neways... that's my review on this set up. the subs take the power and more if clean. and the amp in my opinion is a little over rated and starts clipping a little sooner than I had hoped.