Alright, so 4th of July weekend I ordered one of these beasts with free shipping new from Soundqubed. Received it very quickly and after finally getting it installed at the beginning of September here are my thoughts:

Packaging:I liked it actually, plain cardboard box, no frills. Inside was a solid amount of styrofoam as well as another box. I had quite the time hefting the second box out. But no complaints, safe and secure.

Build Quality:Some people complain about Soundqubed, but I got a great sub. The suspension is so stiff I can hardly move it. The cone looked great, the motor huge and clean, I really like the look of this sub. It's plain, but with a purpose.

The Setup:I put this sub in a 3.5 cube box tuned to 33hz that was designed, built and shipped to me by High Output Enclosures(Buck) amazing box. I have an Optima Yellow top as the only battery, stock alt, no big three, in a Scion xB. The amplifier is a DD m1a, which I will get to later.

Performance:Jesus Christ, is all I really should say. This thing is crazy loud. My xB has insane amounts of flex. Sadly, roof rattle plagues my high volumes, I should invest in deadening. Thanks to the box and filters it really shines on the low notes. Digging into the 20's with ease. The bass is clean, despite what some say as well. But the sub is sloppy on the occasion, that may be due to the fact that I am lacking in power. This sub wants so much more than the little Digital Designs can do. Personally, this sub is not musical enough for me, so I'm selling it, it is ridiculous loud though. I metered it at a local shop and it was mid 140's on music and almost 150 on burps. Stupid loud.

The Verdict:For the price, there is no sub that can touch this in my opinion. I would recommend to anyone wanting to get loud for cheap. But would not recommend to SQ guys.

As for the DD m1a, it is super powerful for it's size and crazy efficient. Off the one yellow top I have very little headlight dim or any other significant voltage drop.