Review of Subwoofer or Speaker: Hertz HX 250 D

Yesterday I upgraded (actually downgraded?) my car audio system. Prior to the new equipment I was running all JL Audio from a Kenwood Excelon source. JL Audio 300/4 powering JL Audio C5-650 components and a JL Audio 500/1 powering a slot ported 12W7-3. It took me some time to realize that even though the W7 is an amazing speaker, it wasn't right for me. Especially in that enclosure and under-powered, as it was. So I finally decided to try something new.

I went with a 10" Hertz HX 250 D sealed up in the recommended 0.67 cubic feet - known as the "Performance" box by Hertz. I listen to about 95% Rock and Country so I needed something clean, tight, and punchy. After only one day of use I think I have found what I was after. This little sub has played everything I've thrown at it very well. It's certainly not as LOUD as the dub7, but it's presence is still there. It's hitting notes that I didn't know existed on some of my favorite songs that I've been listening to for years. The sound is very warm and mellow, but you can feel the crisp hits in your seat back. I'm happy with my single 10", but I think if you had two of these properly powered it would be extremely hard to beat. I'm also happy to report that I now have usable trunk space, which I have basically never had. I also saved about 50 lbs over my old set up, and shifted some of the weight forward. Really helps with a lowered car.

I attached some quick photos that I snapped. I also attached a video. The sound is pretty lousy, as it was recorded on a Canon digital camera. This video was only meant to see what volume would sound the "best" during playback - so random song, random volume. Then the battery died. Probably best with a good set of headphones. And if you don't like heavy metal... might want to pass.