These are a pair of 12 Inch Infinity Perfect Subwoofers I'm talking about, not to be mistaken with the new VQ series.

I heard two of these in a sealed truck box, probably no more than a toal of 1.8 cubic feet for both of them totalling .9 for each. All I can say is wow. These hit extremely hard. My bud had an Orion 4002 two hooked up to them mind you with a good 350 RMS to them. These are 2 of the best subs I have ever heard. They go low and handle the highs suprisngly well. They sound good with music ranging from Rap to Rock. The thick rubber surround seems extremely durable as well. These would probably sound good in both sealed and ported boxes.

Just how loud would you say these are? I'll give you two examples.

1. I can hear my bud pullin into the parking lot at Jewel/Osco because I can hear them all the way from the back room, and the back room is seperated by about a 2 feet thick concrete wall seperating us from the rest of the store.

2. He likes to go to the mall and set off car alarms in the parking lot and everytime I am with him he can atleast set off 5.

If that's not impresseive I really don't know what is.

I would rival these subs to the Alpine Type R's and the JL W3's

The Type R's because a lot of people compare the two but the Perfects just destroy the Alpine's in both SQ and SPL fields.

The W3's because of the Perfects un-surpassed SQ, still not sure which one sounds better but it is extremely close.

All in all I would give the Infnity Perfect a solid 8.5 out of 10. With a 3 year warranty on these subs you really can't go wrong and they are extremely cheap and could easily sell for as much as a W3.

Keep in mind though to keep the RMS range at 350 or below considering Infinity hasn't been known to underrate their subs that much.

Any more questions on these PM me.