Hi all,

I just wanted to say thanks to the ones here telling me which speakers to go with and I must say that these Elemental Designs 10" e10Kx.44 by are f&^%ing AWSOME!!!!

I had a tech from ED e-mail me spes for a box for these 2-10's in my "X" which I just got done building and installing it into my X about 4 hours ago and it really pounds hard!!! I mean hard.

Box is a vented w/ .7 cubic ft set at about 26hertz.
I am running a Audiobauhn 2002T amp bridged w/ Lpf on and it hits so god **** hard that my gas pedal while my foot is on it just viberates like crazy.

Today at lunch was rolling with a friend of mine in his Mustang which he is running a MTX4200 amp to 2- 12" Polk MoMo's in a sealed box would not or cannot even touch my stuff! Plain out QUADS!!!
I am so excited. The only thing I was worried about was WATTS on the amp, but it looks like its no problem. I think I might still upgrade on the amp do to stress and go with the RF P2002 one. But as of right now I am happy with what I been tossing them ED's around right now.
Thanks all.
Pics coming soon. BTW... I am running the stock EB system/ stereo with a converter off the stock 6.5" amp in the rear. A+ Sounds truely sounds really nice in SPL and SQ. Thanks again!!