I have had my 15D2 for a couple weeks now. I have a Tantrum 1200.1 I am going to be pushing it with once I get it running to its full potential (need alt and batt). Currently I am running this beast with a PPI PC2150 (600 watts). I had very high expectations of this sub after all the readings. I have had it in two boxes one a 4.5 cuft ported to 30hz, and currently 2 cuft sealed. I went to the sealed do to size. This sub is very impressive. It hits the looooows, extremely well, better than other 15s I have heard. This being my first time owning a 15 (always had 12s) I was nervous about the recovery from the low tones to the highes. Well the Mag rollsovers from the lows to the high bass notes with no problem. It packs a punch like no other single sub I have heard. On this same PPI amp the Mag out performs my 3 JL 12w3s. It is louder than them and prvides fantastic SQ. This was my first time going with a different driver than JL also, and while I was nervous I am now extremely happy that I made the move and took the chance. Thank you SI!!

For anyone that is considering a Mag D2 driver I would highly recomend one. This sub is very impressive in all aspects of a good subwoofer. While this is not a spl sub it has fantastic SQ, especially for those that like rock and roll, (and those that like rap will brag for days) and gets extremely loud. After carful consideration I too put this sub on the same level as a W7 and other highclass woofers.

I am just mad at myself for waiting to order my second one, now they are all gone

this is what happens after a few minutes with a Mag

Value: 10/10 (can't beat the value for the money)
SQ: 10/10
SPL: 9/10 (just cause I consider this a SQL sub)
Durability: 9/10 (I wouldn't rank any sub a 10 here)
Customer Service: 10/10
Overall: 9.5/10