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    jl audio 13w7d1.5

    13 w7
    dvc 1.3 ohms = 3 ohm or .5 ohm load
    1000 watts rms
    box built to jl specs -> slot ported box.

    when i first saw the woofer next to the 12w7 i was like dang, to only be 1.5 inches larger, it seemed to the naked eye as if it was 25-30% larger overall.

    the surround its everything its hyped up to be. I have seen before where some jl audio woofers have cracks in the surround, this being foam that was one of the issues i had before purchasing the woofer, esp. with it bending all over the place to be installed. having the 12w7 for awhile and killing it w/power for several months, i think the foam surround is nothing to worry about. + i recommend if you're gonna get a woofer on this level, you need to get it w/a warranty, i'm not talking 90 days either, so ebay is out of the question.

    now on to the performance....
    jl woofers have always be called "great low end woofers" but one thing i've notice about this model is that the high end bass is just as impressive and the roll b/w the two is to die for. I've heard woofers before where the low end is really good, but the high bass notes just don't cut it.. the w7 does in every aspect have great roll from low low notes to high bass notes.

    I played "spend the night in your mind- cee lo" to test the low freq's of the woofer... i'm not sure how low it had my woofer but lets just say i had 2 12w6v2s ported off 1k watts and w/the 13w7 i heard a more distinct low end than i did w/those 2 combined..... Now that says something about this woofer!

    what i really really wanted when i got this woofer was accuracy. I wanted this woofer to perform very loud and still maintain its clarity but yet be as accurate as if you're hearing a note live. (usually w/components or loud speakers i'd play a few snare drum solo's) seeing how this is a woofer i put in some fast hitting bass notes on a beat that i've heard before... "big boi (outkast) - speakerboxxx - intro" ... lets just say after hearing the accuracy of the subwoofer on this song, i only want to hear it on this sub.

    downfalls of the woofer
    jl audio has considered themselves as high end audio. if you look at many companies each carry 1 product that is considered their flagship. I consider this woofer the best product that jl carries & the best subwoofer in the market for all around performance. i'm particularly talking about the 13 in woofer in comparison with all otherr 15s on the market. now when i say all around performance that does include price. now with the sub being 750-900$ that's extremely steep for a woofer, but when you've spent so much time and research into something and it turns out that what you've produced has changed the market, you have to charge a certain amount of money. People regardless of the price will spend money if its what they think is the best. so enough said about the price, i think its too high but i spent the money and i'm very happy with it so i say whatever to that now... if i spent the money and i wasn't happy then you'd hear me complain a lot more, but seeing how i think this is the best thing i've heard - my money is well spent.

    of course you hear people say, why buy 1 13 when i can get 2 12s, well for one things, its 1 13 1 subwoofer which saves u some space. the 2 12s will sound good but not as good as the 1 13. you'll end up lacking in 1 area - having a lot of overkill, not enough spl, no sq, lacking in how accurate the sub is, not enough low end, high end bass isn't good enough, or something else.. ... whatever you get in the 2 you'll probably be missing with the one. so consider that.

    you'll always have those that hate on something or find a reason to downplay a product. until you actually hear the woofer, setup correctly, you really can't talk. some say 'i hate jl' well that's good for you that you hate jl, i'm sure if you heard my setup you wouldn't be saying that Esp. if you like loud clean accurate bass. But then again everyone has their own opinion on what things should sound like and i really think that this woofer does touch on all aspects of what a woofer should do.

    i give this sub a 10 out of 10.
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