Review of Subwoofer or Speaker:

Mid bass driver, JL ZR800. Amp, JL 300/2v2. Location, front door.

I don't really have enough experience in the mid bass field to compare it to any other mid bass driver. I'm going to compare it to the Hertz High Energy 6.5s they replaced in the 60-300hz area. The install is an IB setup. JL says they can take 150 a piece and play down to 60hz in this configuration... First thing, they can play to 60 but cant handle a 12db slope doing it. The Hertz could. Output is up over the 6.5s but not really enough to warrant the add on. They seem to get flappy playing anything under 80hz.

There where a ton of positive reviews on these drivers. Those people must have never heard a 6.5 do the same thing these do and basically do it better.

It's to late now to change them out so I hope they grow on me. If you are looking for a $300 driver set to fill in the gaps go for it. If you are wanting a component set that can do the same thing and more and don't mind spending $600 go with the Hertz HSK XL set and ditch the crossovers.