I just bought 2 MA Audio MA120XE's. I didn't see any other reviews out here for them so...

I really like them especialy for a low cost sub. I got them for $140 after shipping, for both, and they are really a good quality sub. I have them on a LANZAR VIBE 248 series amp and they aren't too bad. The SQ is really good and they have medium SPL. These subs really like the low notes too. It takes alot for them to botom out, which I haven't done yet. I have not been able to get a db done yet in my truck but I will in the near future.

The only problem with these subs is my setup. I think that I have them in too big of a box and it is not divided. But other than that they have takin everything that I have thrown at them so far.

I would sugest these for an entry level sub for the "newbie". They are definately not comp subs but they are good for everyday driving.